Friday, February 23, 2007

4) Know when to say, "Enough's enough."

SECRET NUMBER FOUR. What does gambling in Las Vegas and collecting Luther memorabilia have in common? Excitement? Anticipation? An adrenaline rush? The very real possibility of loosing a lot of money for next to nothing in return? Everyone loves to win, but when it comes to collecting Luther or anything else, the line needs to be drawn and the earlier the better. What are you willing to pay for this item in it's present condition and with the realities of all the additional costs surrounding it (shipping, insurance, framing, restoration, archiving, etc., not to mention the costs of getting your payment to the seller in a way that will be acceptable). Set the price you are willing to pay -- for the whole kit-and-caboodle -- well in advance of the bidding/purchase. The best recipe to make disaster and disappointment out of an enjoyable and rewarding collecting experience: undisciplined spending. Take the possibility of dumping too much after too little out of the equation by setting your limit before you get into the frenzy of buying.

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